Our Business Philosophy

VIP believes it is just as important to define who we aren't, as much as whom we are. We do not work with professional life insurance agents. VIP deals only with alternative distribution outlets. This means everyone that VIP does business with does not sell insurance for their main source of income. Why is that important? It means our focus is a value-added service to your current practice. We fill the void as an insurance specialist, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We do not participate in industry advertising. We are not carrier-owned and have no outside investors. VIP is a large, privately owned boutique - big enough to gain the personal relationships of presidents and chief underwriters with many of the top insurance providers today, yet small enough to provide our clients with access to our top financial minds. We believe in providing you with knowledgeable members from the industry that can provide a value-added experience, more than just access to products. VIP does not use the "assembly line" method to process your business. We believe our clients should have dedicated team members to rely on. We have a proven approach for success: we make office visits, we don't do business as a P.O. Box and we have a real person answering the phones.